“Fit” As an Assessment and Marketing Tool

shandrajones_dagIt is that word that we all say countless times on the phone, on our websites, at events, in committee meetings … but we know it has a nebulous meaning – at best – for our admissions candidates. What’s more, our diverse candidates often overlook the term in search of other criteria like affordability and program timeline.

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Moving the Diversity Conversation Beyond Labels

ericabrams_dagHas our obsession with defining diversity limited our ability to prepare students to succeed in a global economy? In this issue of Many Voices, One Vision, Eric Abrams (Haas School, UC Berkeley) introduces the concept of Cultural Dexterity and explains why we owe it to our students to move the diversity conversation beyond labels.

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The Two Percent

Kellie Sauls Darden School of BusinessStill trying to figure out a way to drastically change the diversity pipeline?  In this issue of Many Voices, One Vision, Kellie Sauls introduces an idea that just might work!

We saw the vision before we knew exactly how we would ever get there. You’ve seen the vision too I suspect. We are actually counting on it.

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Addressing the lack of LGBT On-Campus Recruiting Events

Willie GreenOften when developing strategic diversity efforts, we omit sexual orientation and gender expression. In this edition of Many Voices, One Vision, Willie Green provides a glimpse into the planning of the Fuqua School of Business’ LGBT Weekend.

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Can disruptive innovation be applied to MBA diversity recruiting? Is there a lesson to be learned from Red Bull?

Michael Robinson

Disruptive innovation helps create new markets and value networks and has the potential to be applied to the diversity space. In this edition of Many Voices, One Vision, Michael Robinson voices his thoughts and provides the inspiration behind this insight.

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Leveraging Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU): The top 10 factors that African American talent looks for in an MBA program

Lorri Sadler-Rice, GME DiversityWhen looking to develop the pipeline of African American talent for graduate management education, often one needs to look no further than the Historically Black Colleges and Universities.  In this edition of Many Voices, One Vision, Lorri Sadler Rice provides insight on how to prepare your marketing messages for recruiting at an HBCU.

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Consider the Value of Political, Social, and Cultural Contributions of Native American Students

Bridget WilsonInterested in recruiting Native American students? In this edition of Many Voices, One Vision, Bridget Wilson provides context for the challenges in identifying and enrolling Native American students.  She also provides tips and web resources to aid you in building your pipeline. 

A growing number of colleges and universities are beginning to understand the unique status of Native American students. These students are indigenous to this country, come from traditional cultural backgrounds, and are recognized by their tribal governments and the US federal government as American citizens of domestic nations.

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